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Shul set on fire

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-06-18

Inside South Tottenham synagogue

Inside South Tottenham

A synagogue in north London was set alight in an incident police are calling suspicious circumstances and which has caused serious damage to its interior.

The South Tottenham United Synagogue was set on fire on Thursday afternoon following lighted material being thrown through a window.


As well as damage to the building, prayer books have also been destoyed.


Mike Whine, Director of Communications for Community Security Trust said: "Any attack on a synagogue is of great concern to society. Any attack on a place of worship is abhorrent and should be treated extremely seriously. This incident should be viewed in the context of a rising number of antisemitic incidents."

Over the last few years, the synagogue and its members have been the target of several attacks.


In October 1997, the synagogue in Crowland Road was nearly set on fire. According to reports, perpetrators tried to set fire to the inner courtyard which is alongside the synagogue wall by using kerosene.


Earlier this year, two men from the synagogue were attacked by youths believed to be from a local school.

Anyone with information is is asked to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.