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Revealing Rachel

by: Susan Riley - Last updated: 2004-06-25

Rachel Stevens revealing interview

Rachel Stevens

With a catchy comeback single and a fresh new attitude, Rachel Stevens is about to score big time. In a revealing interview, the sexy semite singer talks about her solo life both on stage and off. 

Oh my God. Rachel Stevens is about to say the most un-celeb thing ever. “I don’t think I’m fat,” she says as we relax on a sunny roof terrace in east London. “But being photographed so much does make you aware of your figure. You can’t help but look in magazines sometimes and think, ‘Oh no, I look really big there!’ The thing is, you can’t scrutinise yourself too much - it’s just not important enough.” Well said, the girl in the customised England kit! 

This honest and no-nonsense attitude is the first sign that, after six years in pop - five in S Club and one as a solo artist - Rachel is finally finding out what she’s all about.

Looking chilled, smiley and - grrr - flawlessly gorgeous, she happily fills us in on all the new stuff kicking off in her life. For starters, she’s just bought a new house in North London “it’s really cute” - and is busily hooking up with interior designers. “I’m going to oversee everything,” she tells us excitedly. “I want a stone bath and I’ve seen this brilliant one with little spotlights on the side that change colour.” 

Fab new pad aside, the 26-year-old is undergoing a total Rachel Revolution. “I’ve got to a stage where I want to learn about everything. And I’m much more open. I don’t bottle things up the way I used to. Before I used to expect people to realise when I was down. Now I talk about my feelings a lot more.” New house, new her and a new single to boot - this girl ain’t messing around.

Her new tune Some Girls is a hip-swayingly catchy number. It’s also the official Sport Relief song - hence her sporty get-up on our cover. “I’m really proud to be part of such a fantastic charity,” she gushes. “They raised £14m last time. I’m just glad that I can help in any way I can.” It’s also a sure-fire hit. And let’s face it she had to have a  big single as, despite the mega success of Sweet Dreams My LA Ex, Rachel’s last single Funky Dory limped into the charts last December at number 29.

Funky flop
“I was really disappointed with Funky Dory,” Rachel admits. “I thought it was a great track, but it didn’t work. It’s not a bad thing when things don’t work, though - it’s how you deal with it.”  But didn’t that knock her confidence? Especially when these days popstars get dropped quicker than Colin Farrell’s boxer shorts when they don’t reach the top spot… “It was really scary,” she admits. “But I know my solo career is going to be different to S Club - I’m expecting to have highs and lows. I actually think it was good for me. It’s made me even more determined.“Normally I’m a real worrier but I’ve surprised myself. Funky Dory did get me down but now I’m just going to go for it and enjoy it.” Rachel won’t be drawn on whether she’ll be releasing any more tracks from her last album - also called Funky Dory…“We really don’t know yet”. She just says she’s writing material for her next album and focusing on promoting Some Girls.

Boys’ bits
Despite the Sport Relief stuff you won’t be seeing a Rachel Stevens exercise video any time soon. She confesses that - despite having a posh gym in her apartment building - she’s not very athletic and has been slacking off. “I’ve no excuse,” she tells us sheepishly. “But you know - busy life!” 

On footie and the England team
“They’ve got good legs and it’s fun watching them run round the pitch, but I’m not a footballer-type girl. “I’m more into the Jude Law type. He’s sexy.” So what is it that makes her sit up and take notice of a bloke? “I love guys’ shoulders. I think there’s something very sexy and strong about them. And I like a nice back and neck. Not too beefy though - Freddie Ljungberg in that Calvin Klein undies advert is spot on!”

In demand?
You’d have thought that, now she’s single, Rachel would have guys queuing up round the block. Not so, she says. We reckon that’s because most lads might feel just a bit intimidated chatting up the girl recently voted the second sexiest woman in the world - and who even beat the bootylicious Beyoncé! Rachel giggles, “Me and my mum have been talking about this and we’ve worked out that men aren’t how they used to be. Guys don’t make the first move any more. I don’t know whether it’s because they recognise me or what. But it does make things a lot more difficult. Nowadays girls have to be a lot more forthcoming.” And that isn’t her? “It is now! I’m having to learn! I’m not used to being single and going up to guys. I’ve always been in a relationship. But boys can come up to me, OK?!” Not she’s in any rush to get coupled up. Right now, going out with her girlfriends and having a gossip is exactly where she wants to be. “It sounds so corny but I’m enjoying taking time  to learn about myself.  Now I’m finding a balance. So it’s a good time for me to be by myself. “When the right guy comes along, that’s fine. But I’m enjoying going on dates and having fun.” Any good dates? “A few,” she giggles. “But that’s all I’m saying!”

Single life
A year ago the only dates she had were with her fiancé, actor Jeremy Edwards. But earlier this year, after three years together, the couple split up. Rachel admits it’s scary being single. “It gets a bit lonely and I miss him. But we weren’t meant to be and we’ll learn from it. “The important thing is that we’re still on good terms as I care about him so much. I really couldn’t bear it if it had been a really ugly break-up.” They still see each other occasionally but Rachel isn’t dwelling on the past. “Everything in my life is changing but in a really positive way. I don’t know what the future holds and that’s exciting. But I’m hoping I’ll find my Brad Pitt one day!”

The full interview complete with exclusive photoshoot of Rachel Stevens appears in the August issue of Sugar magazine, out now.