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Jews stuck up mountain

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-07-02

Rescue leader John Allen

Rescue leader John Allen

An orthodox teacher who led 39 teenage girls from a school in Stoke Newington, London up a Scottish mountain dressed only in skirts and trainers has been slammed by the leader of the rescue team who had to save them.

John Allen of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team was shocked to discover the girls and their teacher from Beth Jacob Seminary had no equipment to undertake such a trek and the school teacher had put their lives at risk.

"We were appalled to discover they were all wearing skirts and trainers. Some had bin liners and plastic sheets wrapped round them to act as waterproofs," Mr Allen said. "They had no idea what they were doing or what they were expected to be doing. When we reached them the pupils were less than polite. They thought it was all a big joke."

The alarm was raised when on Wednesday afternoon one of the girls was able to make a telephone call on her mobile when they got trapped in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland.

"They were completely out of their depth and did not seem to take on board the seriousness of the situation," he added.

"On this occasion our normal procedures governing school trips were not in place.
"We apologise to parents and pupils and will be holding an immediate internal enquiry," said
Rabbi Benyomin Dunner head of the seminary.

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