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SJ Super 7

by: Leslie Bunder and Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2004-07-14



The seven most amazing things you will discover in Jewish life and culture.  This week: Shrek gets the snip in Israel, Mr Rak's makes TV debut on Wife Swap, 2 Jewish Cowgirls reveal their wares and rapper Eminem set to convert to Judaism – on screen.

1. Shrek Jew: The Hebrew-dubbed version of the smash hit film Shrek 2 has fallen foul of Israeli singer David D'Or, who took offence to a joke which implied he has been castrated. D'Or, who is known for his falsetto voice and for failing to get Israel into the final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest (for the first time in recent years), was none too happy with a line in the film in which one character suggested they 'do a David D'Or' on another character. The offending
dialogue has now been removed.

2. Mr Rak's TV appearance: Eager kitchen watchers who tuned into Channel 4's Wife Swap this week may have been stunned to see Mr Rak's mini-latkes and Osem soup Croutons making their TV debut. They turned up in the home of the Kingstons from Liverpool, who are the first Jewish family to take part in the reality TV show. Joanna Kingston, the wife in question, swapped her luxurious Liverpool life for two weeks with eco-friendly Emily and her family. During the fortnight she lived up to various stereotypes, including her inability to handle any sort of tool, obsession with having more TVs in the house than there are people living there, and having a cupboard full of every cleaner you could think of.

3. Eminem goes kosher: rapper Eminem is to follow up his film debut in 8 Mile with a biopic of boxer Dmitry 'Star Of David' Salita. Salita, from Odessa in the Ukraine, lives a totally Jewish life, keeping kosher and observing the Sabbath by refusing to box on Friday nights. He is known for hanging out with Hasidic Jews, and for many young New Yorkers, he is the man. The movie will be produced by fellow Semite Jerry Bruckheimer, who has made such action epics as Pirates Of The Caribbean and Pearl Harbor.

4. Spelling wedding: congratulations to actress Tori Spelling, who is now officially Tori Shanian, after marrying her fiancé Charlie Shanian last week. Spelling, best known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210, tied the knot at her father Aaron Spelling's mansion.

5. Site of the week: brighten up your wardrobe with a T-shirt from the folks at 2 Jewish Cowgirls. As well as clothing, ranging from shirts and bibs through to yarmulkes, the site also offers tips on how to spot a Jewish cowgirl as well as recipes (Mexican beef tzimmes,
anyone?) Find out more at:

6. Barschak's back: Comic Aaron Barschak, who briefly found fame after gatecrashing Prince William's 21st birthday party last year, has pulled a similar stunt at the London premiere of Spiderman 2. Barschak was arrested after he slipped past security and started dancing around
in front of the cinema.

7. Campbell's campaign: supermodel Naomi Campbell is fronting a new ad campaign in the US aimed at highlight anti-semitism. Campbell appears on the posters, along with the slogan 'anti-semitism is anti-me'.