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Kosher Olympics

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-07-19

Acropolis in Athens

Acropolis in Athens

As Athens makes its final preparations for the 2004 Olympic Games taking place in August, the first kosher restaurant in over 50 years is to open to cater for the many thousands of Jewish people coming to the Greek capital.

Chabad of Athens is establishing a Kosher restaurant that will also serve as a Jewish information centre, with volunteers available to answer questions and cater to the diverse needs of tourists.

The Kol Tuv Glatt Kosher restaurant is located within central Athens and will offer Greek and Mediterranean cuisine as well as international specialties.

Kul Tuv is also the first kosher restaurant to open in Athens since the Second World War.

Among the dishes are moussaka (eggplant casserole), pastitsio (baked pasta with béchamel) and souvlaki (meat brochettes).

"Keeping kosher is not just about the foods one does or does not eat," said Rabbi Mendel Hendel who oversees the Chabad . "But about a disciplined way of life that creates community, strengthens identity, and ultimately lends itself to richer involvement in the greater experience of living Jewish. When people are away from friends, family, and the community that serve to affirm their identity. It's keeping kosher that helps them maintain a Jewish identity, no matter their surroundings."

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