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Jewish Child's Day appeal

Last updated: 2004-09-02

Jewish Child's Day cares for Jewish children who are blind, deaf, mentally, physically or multi-handicapped, orphaned, neglected, deprived, abused, refugee, traumatised, suffering from disease - wherever and whenever there is need.

Jewish Child's Day provides assistance in times of emergency and with ongoing projects.

With your support Jewish Child's Day can help alleviate the suffering of Jewish children all over the world. Children who have been neglected or abandoned, children in pain through illness or disability, children deprived of the everyday necessities of life that most of us take for granted, and most of all, children who are suffering the effects of terror.

Undoubtedly, it is the innocent children who suffer most at times of conflict.

Please help Jewish Child's Day help the thousands of Jewish Children in need around the world.

Jewish Child's Day works hard all year round to provide whatever is needed - from items as basic as clothes, toys and books, to essential medical equipment that keeps children and babies alive at home or in hospital.

Support and rehabilitation programmes, wheelchairs and walking aids, educational and developmental computer equipment, therapy, hearing stimulus and communication equipment, holidays, incubators, respirators, after school facilities, hot meals, home teaching for housebound children ... the list is endless.

Jewish Child's Day is actively helping with the special needs of children affected and traumatised by the current situation in the Middle East.

Jewish Child's Day does everything in its power to provide whatever it takes to give children hope, health, opportunity and a brighter future. It relies entirely on the support of the community and all gifts, large or small, are put to excellent use for the benefit of children.

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