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Jewish Blind & Disabled appeal

Last updated: 2004-09-02

Jewish Blind and disabled

Jewish Blind and disabled

Jewish Blind & Disabled's core philosophy is that every individual is entitled to a life of dignity and choice.

Our flats are not just temporary residences but "homes for life" located within modern well-maintained custom-designed buildings which provide a caring, aesthetically pleasing and Jewish environment in which people can enjoy our life changing ideals.

You can help support the work of Jewish Blind & Disabled in two ways: by providing financial support and by donating time as a volunteer.

To those who make a financial contribution to Jewish Blind & Disabled, whatever the amount, we are deeply grateful. Without your support none of what we have achieved and will achieve for the blind and disabled members of our community would be possible.

To those who donate their time as volunteers – providing assistance to our tenants and enriching their lives by organising an amazing variety of events and activities – we are equally grateful for the gift of your time. The life changing qualities of Jewish Blind & Disabled would be greatly diminished without your help.

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