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New Jewish careers

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2004-09-07



London's Metropolitan Police is looking to recruit more Jewish people.

As part of a multi-faith open day on Wednesday 8 September, the Met Police will show and explain the full range of careers available to people from diverse faith backgrounds and the support they can offer.

The Faith Intromet is at Westminster Central Hall in central London from 10am to 4pm and aims to promote the Met Police's commitment to recruiting from all across the community.

"This is the first of its kind, where we have been able to hold an event that concentrates on the subject of faith. People from all religious backgrounds and beliefs are welcome," said Chief Inspector David Stone, head of the Positive Action Team. "It is a time to come and discuss what the Met has to offer as a career. It is also an opportunity to find out how Police Officers and Police Staff work and practice their faith in this demanding and diverse role."

He added; "The Met is committed to diversity and supporting all the different faiths within its employ. Through employing a diverse workforce we are also able to bring understanding and knowledge to the communities we serve. To achieve this it is imperative that we are truly representative."

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