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Gaza rocket kills children

Last updated: 2004-09-30


Debris from attack

A homemade Palestinian rocket fired from the Gaza Strip has hit a residential building in nearby southern Israel, killing two children and wounding about 10 other people.

A short while later, witnesses said an Israeli helicopter fired missiles into a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza, killing one man and wounding at least three other people.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas claimed responsibility for Wednesday's rocket attack on the Israeli town of Sderot, which came as Israeli troops and armor fought militants near the Jabalya refugee camp in an attempt to stop such attacks.
At least four Palestinians were killed and about 15 others were wounded and hospitalized during the Israeli incursion.

Elsewhere, an armed Palestinian trying to evade arrest was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank town of Nablus. In Jenin, Israeli troops killed a taxi driver and a passenger.

Story supplied by: VOAnews