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Rachel Stevens interview

by: SJ Reporter - Last updated: 2004-10-22

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

Jewish pop princess Rachel Stevens features on the soundtrack of new film The Princess Diaries 2. In a revealing interview, Rachel explains how she got involved with the film, how she wants to be in a Disney movie and her role in Deuce Bigalow: European gigolo.

How did you get to sing as part of the soundtrack of The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement?

"I was approached, which was brilliant as I remember seeing the first Princess Diaries and thinking what a lovely movie it was. It's great to be a part of it and have my track on there. I watched the film the other day and really enjoyed it. And seeing my name coming up at the end when the credits rolled was really cool."

What is the appeal of a romantic comedy like The Princess Diaries 2?

"I think this is a film with something for everybody. It's also very funny with lots of well written parts. You laugh and cry while you are watching, it's a really lovely film."

Why is Anne Hathaway so successful?

"She is gorgeous and comes across as the kind of girl whom you could imagine being friends with. I think she is perfect for the part because you warm to her character. She's really likeable, I think she's great."

Does every young girl dream of being a princess?

"I think it's a fantasy for most young girls to want to be a princess. That is why these films do so well because every little girl wants to live their dream and they can get lost in their imagination."

Were you called a little princess when you were growing up?

"Oh yeah...a little madam!"

As a youngster were you a fan of Julie Andrews?

"She is just amazing. I was thinking that when I watched her in the film. I loved her in The Sound Of Music , she is just brilliant."

And what about the moment in The Princess Diaries 2 when Julie Andrews sings?

"Obviously she will be asked to sing for every film part she takes and I thought it was really cool that she sang here. I liked that scene it was cute.

Raven gets to duet with Julie Andrews in the film, is that the sort of thing you'd like to do?

"If the part was right definitely. She's like a living legend and so to get to sing with someone like that would be a real privilege."

Now you are doing more films so would you like to appear in a Disney movie?

"Yeah absolutely! I'm a real sucker for films like The Princess Diaries so I'd definitely like to appear in one."

You are in the Deuce Bigalow: European gigolo, the sequel to the hit comedy when you get covered in mud I believe?

"I know, very glamorous. They just slapped on this paste that was like powder and water. It wasn't real mud. But real mud is really good for you so maybe they should have put that on. I had this stuff on all day. It was horrible when it went on and when it dried it was rock hard. Then I had a wig on and they put this stuff in my teeth. It was certainly an experience."

In the Deuce Bigalow film you finish in the canal in Amsterdam. Was that done for real?

"Yes. I had to get in the canal. All the water was tested and I was not standing on the bottom of the canal. I was on a box and it was safe, I had a wet suit and wellington boots on. The water was freezing. It was not a fun thing but it goes down in the book of experiences."

It's said that you had not seen the original Deuce Bigalow film?

"No until they came to me to do this small part in the film I hadn't seen the original movie. I don't know where I was when it came out. Maybe touring? So I got the DVD to see what it was all about and Rob Schneider is very funny."

What's next?

"I'm busy promoting my new single More, More, More and then I'm going into the studio to write and record for a new album. There will be a new single early next year."