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About Us

Last updated: 2003-08-23

SomethingJewish home page

SomethingJewish from is part of Jewish media and online community service provider JMT Ventures Limited. Other sites owned and run by JMT Ventures include:, JewishReunion and

SomethingJewish started life in 1996 as - Over the course of seven years, became a leading independent Jewish web site. Going forward, JMT Ventures realised they needed to develop more fully and with that development, they also realised it was the perfect time for a name change.

So in 2003, becomes SomethingJewish.

SomethingJewish - the inclusive Jewish web site for everyone.

The co-founders of JMT Ventures, Leslie Bunder and Eamonn Ozerovitch, have a vision to unite Jewish people through online, print and other related media. Through their web sites, they aim to inspire, educate and inform Jewish people of their cultural identity and the richness of it.

Through the work they do, the co-founders objective is to reach out to all Jews and offer them services they can relate to and encourage and promote positive Jewish identity as well as greater education and understanding of being Jewish.

JMT Ventures seeks to develop and launch new and exciting propositions that further target the Jewish community across the world and provide the tools that help Jews connect with each other and promote positive Jewish identity.

For further information e-mail:
Or telephone 07976 220273