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Get ready for Encounter 2004

Last updated: 2004-11-02

Encounter 2004

Encounter 2004

On November 14 at Wembley Conference Centre, an amazing array of world-class speakers and international authors will be presenting on subjects ranging from Kabbalah to contemporary issues.

They’ll be addressing questions such as ‘The worst of times: how do we deal with them and why they come to good people’, ‘Why marry Jewish’ and ‘What would the world be like without Judaism and the Jewish People?’.

Encounter 2004 - Something special

A new, even bigger venue (with parking for everyone!). Our best ever line-up of world-class Jewish speakers and thinkers. A grand finale concert. And of course thousands of participants from every part of the community.

Something for everyone

At Encounter there really is something for everyone. As well as the day’s keynote address there will be five sessions each with a big choice of inspirational and thought provoking speakers. Plus there’ll be workshops, shows and debates. Or if you fancy a break you can take a look at the Jewish Life Exhibition, visit the stalls, browse some books, buy some presents or even treat yourself to a new painting! And if you feel peckish there’ll be plenty of food for all!


And don't forget the Youth

We want Encounter to be a great day for ALL ages. That’ s why there’ s plenty to do for all our younger conference participants. Thanks to our friends at Tribe there’s a range of programmes with a great choice of things to get involved with. Trained youth professionals will be providing the highest standards of supervision whilst delivering fun as well as informative activities. Drinks and snacks will be provided as well as a packed- style lunch.

3 - 4 yearsTribe Tots Nursery
5 - 10 yearsTribe Kids Fun Day
11 - 13yearsTribe Bnei Mitzvah
14 - 16 yearsTribe Youth Programme

Fancy some drama, arts & crafts or how about a bit of music? Or maybe you’d prefer a balloon debate, some games or a visit to the main conference exhibition and stalls? It ’s all here waiting for you.

Plus for the babes in arms...

And of course, as in past years, there will be a crèche for all 0 - 3 year olds.


£5 Tribe Discount for under 18s!

Anyone from birth up to 18 who is a member of Tribe will receive a £5 discount. Just tick the ‘Tribe Membership’ box on the application form and pay £5 less for each member! Don’t worry if you’ve not joined yet. Just tick the box, get the discount and we’ll arrange the membership with Tribe for you. Simple! Eg: A family ticket including three tribe members under 18 would be just £34 - a £15 saving!


(For children under 11 a parent or guardian’s signature is required. Terms and conditions of Tribe membership are below . To find out more about Tribe visit

Tribe membership conditions: 1) Applications to join Tribe by or on behalf of persons below the age of 11 require the consent of a parent or guardian. 2) Membership of Tribe is available only to persons of the Jewish Religion according to the rulings of the Office of the Chief Rabbi. However, membership does not represent confirmation of Jewish status of or such purpose as eligibility for United Synagogue schools ,marriage ,membership of United Synagogues etc. 3) The supply of incorrect information may at the discretion of Tribe render membership invalid. 4) The information supplied will be kept by the United Synagogue and used by Tribe in communicating with the member on an ongoing basis. This information may be shared with other organisations from time to time unless you have indicated otherwise.