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Last updated: 2003-07-28

The Board has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority over a new Jews For Jesus advertisement.

The advert depicts six stereotypically clothed Chasidic Jews, one of whom is wearing a red Jews For Jesus t-shirt, and appears noticeably happier than his colleagues. The caption reads “Think For Yourself”. After receiving numerous complaints from members of the community, the Board has requested that the advertisement be withdrawn on the grounds that it contravenes the CAP code, which compels advertisers to take particular care to avoid causing religious offence.

In his letter to the ASA, Director General Neville Nagler commented:

“This advert is clearly based upon, and is designed to propagate, the principle that the majority of Jews are unable to “think for themselves” (i.e. believe in Jesus) and therefore attain happiness. This is a highly objectionable notion, and one that gives great offence to the vast majority of Jewish people in this country. We call for the immediate withdrawal of the advert.”