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A taste of Jewish life

Last updated: 2004-11-09

Jewish Life Tour

Jewish Life Tour

The Board of Deputies' "Seeing Jewish Life Tour" hosted a unique tour this weekend when a group of school children from Norwich were provided with a real taste of Jewish life.

The group of fifteen and sixteen year olds from Norwich High School experienced many different aspects of Judaism when they spent a weekend touring Jewish sites in London. These included a meal at Solly's, a visit to the Jewish Museum housed at the Sternberg Centre, a tour around Akiva Primary School and a Friday night service at the trendy Saatchi synagogue. To conclude the experience, the group were invited to the Great North Western Reform Synagogue on Shabbat morning to witness a barmitzvah service and participate in a celebratory kiddush.

New Community Issues Director, Es Rosen, commented: "This truly is an unforgettable and unique experience for non-Jewish school children. Not only have they taken part in many of the cultural aspects of the Jewish religion, they have also witnessed and participated in some of our most ancient traditions. Ensuring that young people today have a better understanding of Judaism will mean that the generation of tomorrow will be in a much stronger position to educate their peers."