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Hitchhiking To Heaven

by: Lorraine Bunder - Last updated: 2004-11-22

Lionel Blue

Lionel Blue

Hitchhiking To Heaven By Rabbi Lionel Blue

I think Lionel Blue’s autobiography Hitchhiking To Heaven is a book that all faiths should read. It provides an insight into how a person can be of one faith, yet still be able to see how other faiths live, and not be afraid to pray in other places.

He speaks about his sexuality, and how you live with it, in a very understandable way, as well talking about his friendships and relationships with both sexes.

It shows what that all after all he went through his childhood, the War years, and his adolescent to senior years, he still kept to his religious life, which shows you that you make what you are, not others.

It’s a book well worth reading and learning from. Read a chapter or two, put it down and then go back to the next chapter. When you have finished it, you’ll think he is a wonderful person to know.

Thank you Rabbi Lionel Blue.

Hitchhiking To Heaven is published by Hodder and Stoughton and is on sale now.