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About RSGB

Last updated: 2004-12-02

RSGB was founded to co-ordinate a group of synagogues, the first of which - the West London Synagogue - was established in 1840. 

The objectives of RSGB are: to promote a living Judaism, to interpret the Torah in accordance with the spirit and needs of the present generation and, through its positive, constructive, and progressive view of Jewish tradition, raise and maintain a high standard of Jewish religious life throughout the country.

Our Vision:
Of a Reform Movement faithfully renewing Jewish life and working with others to transform humanity and the world.
Our Purpose:
To build a Movement in which dynamic, growing communities of faith and learning live out the values of Reform Judaism.

For more information:
Reform Synagogues of Great Britain
The Sternberg Centre
80 East End Road
N3 2SY
tel: 020 8349 5700