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Last updated: 2003-07-14

The British Jewish community was represented by the Board’s Director General, Neville Nagler, at a major European interfaith conference held in Graz earlier this week.

Neville Nagler was invited to participate in the delegation from the Government’s Inner Cities Religious Council. As a Jewish member of the Council since it was set up in 1992, he made a short presentation about his community’s input into the work of the Council.

Neville Nagler commented: “We recognise that faith is no longer viewed only as a private matter, but is increasingly valued for its wider benefit to society. Government clearly believes that faith communities have a major role to play in public life. Through the Inner Cities Religious Council, we have debated a variety of policy issues, including asylum, urban renewal, housing, health, etc."

"From our experience in this conference, Britain seems well ahead of other European countries in terms of the relationship between government and faith communities. But we wonder how far government is actually listening to the views expressed by faith communities on social issues. We are also concerned at the growing demands government is placing on our communities and the difficulty we find in dedicating sufficient resources to respond to those demands”.