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Israel reacts to attack

Last updated: 2004-12-13

Adham Shehada and Araf Azbarga

Two soldiers killed Adham Shehada and Araf Azbarga

Israeli helicopters fired several missiles at targets in Gaza City early Monday, hours after Palestinian militants killed five Israeli soldiers and wounded at least five others in an attack on an army post near the Gaza-Egypt border.

Four soldiers have been named as Sgt. Araf Azbarga, 19, of Kseifeh; Sgt. Said Jaja, 19, of Ararah;  Corp. Adham Shehada, 19, of Turan; and Sgt. Tarek al-Ziadne, 20, of Rahat.

Israeli military officials say their strike hit a building where militants had been working on weapons to use against Israel. No casualties were reported.

Earlier, a joint statement by the Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Fatah Hawks said suicide bombers detonated more than a ton of explosives beneath an Israeli army post, in a 600-meter-long tunnel that guerrillas had spent four months digging.

The huge blast at the Rafah crossing killed three Israeli soldiers. Two more soldiers and at least one Palestinian militant were killed in a shootout.

Story supplied by: VOAnews