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Death plotter sentenced

by: SJ Reporter - Last updated: 2004-12-16

Old Bailey

Old Bailey

A Sikh father has been jailed for 14 years for hiring a hitman to kill his daughter, her Jewish boyfriend, and the boyfriend's father.

Kalvinder Dosanjh from Rochester, Kent felt disgraced when his daughter Sanjit, 23, moved in with Temple Jazac, 43 in Sheffield, the Old Baily heard.

During court proceeedings, it was revealed that Dosanjh had decided to kill them to save the family's honour.

A hitman was hired to shoot Mr Jazac's father and then gun down the couple when they came out of hiding to attend the funeral but unknown to Dosanjh, the hitman was an undercover policeman.

Jagjit Singh Rai, 54, of Ilford, Essex acted as a middleman and was jailed for nine years.

Judge John Rogers said Dosanjh had disapproved of daughter Sanjit’s boyfriend

He said: "You were angered because you regarded her more as your property than your daughter. You pursued her for two years and in 2003 you decided to have her, her boyfriend and his father killed." 

Dosanjh was arrested when a sawn-off shotgun was found in his van and after promosing to pay £10,000 per killing.