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Last updated: 2003-06-30

The Board of Deputies will be representing the British Jewish community at next week’s path-breaking interfaith conference in Austria. This is the first ever Europe-wide interfaith event. It is taking place in the city of Graz, which was designated the first European UN Human Rights City.

The British Government has invited several members of the Inner Cities Religious Council to represent the country’s different faith communities. Neville Nagler, Director General of the Board, will be participating on behalf of Britain’s Jewish community.

Neville Nagler has commented: “This will be an exciting occasion. It demonstrates how far faith-related issues and the position of religious minorities have grown in importance in recent years. The conference will provide an opportunity for the different faith communities from many parts of Europe to exchange experiences and develop closer cooperation. It will also help to establish dialogue not only among the different faith communities, but also between them and the public authorities across Europe, so that all can learn from one another’s experiences. This process should help to make a lasting contribution to peaceful development in a democratic, multicultural, multifaith Europe.”