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Boards £1m fundraising

Last updated: 2005-01-18

The Board of Deputies has welcomed a major new fundraising initiative which Sir Sigmund Sternberg announced at the plenary meeting of the Board last Sunday.
Sir Sigmund, who has long been a prominent member and benefactor of the Board, has been invited to become the Patron of the Board of Deputies Charitable Foundation. In this capacity he has announced his intention to raise £1 million for the Board over the next four years. Sir Sigmund has said that he will set an example by pledging a donation of £100,000 over this period, and will seek to encourage other leading communal figures to do the same.
This announcement coincides with the appointment of Neville Nagler as the Director to the Sternberg Foundation. Neville Nagler has now stepped down as Director General of the Board of Deputies, after more than thirteen years' service. In his new capacity he will be ideally placed to forge the closest possible links between the work of the Board and the Sternberg Foundation.
Sir Sigmund told the Board: "I have always had a total commitment to the work of the Board. I have sought to do everything I can to support its work, and intend to continue in this important task-for as long as the Almighty gives me the strength to do so. I find it extraordinary that the community's central body, which is doing such vital work for Jewish people throughout the world, should have to struggle to raise funds. I hope to be able to remedy this situation."
Board President Henry Grunwald QC commented: "The whole Board is indebted to Sir Sigmund. He has always been a devoted supporter of the Board, and we are delighted that he has agreed to become the Patron of our Charitable Foundation. We truly value his initiative in launching a major fundraising drive, backed up by his own personal contribution. This represents a most handsome gesture and we look forward to working even more closely with Sir Sigmund in the years ahead."