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Rise in anti-semitism

by: SJ Reporter - Last updated: 2005-02-11

community security trust

community security trust

The number of anti-semitic attacks on the UK Jewish community reached record levels in 2004, a new report from the Community Security Trust (CST) has revealed.

In 2003 there were 375 incidents, but in 2004 that number increased to 532 according to the CST.

The previous highest recorded figure was 405 in 2000 since the CST starting keeping records of antisemitic incidents in 1984.

Incidents ranged from verbal incidents through to physical violence in which 83 assaults took place in 2004 comparecd to 53 in 2003.

"The highest annual total on record of 532 antisemitic incidents was recorded in 2004. Violent assaults increased disproportionately," said Michael Whine, Director of Communications for the Community Security Trust.

"There were 83 assaults last year, the highest number ever recorded. This increase is extremely alarming. The transfer of tensions in the Middle East to the streets of Britain has resulted in an unprecedented level of antisemitic incidents.”