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Chief's mini-tour

Last updated: 2005-02-08

Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks

Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks

On a whistle-stop tour of the regions, the Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks visited the Jewish communities in Birmingham, Nottingham and Sheffield over the weekend of 4th-6th February 2005.

After the visit, the Chief Rabbi said:

“These were inspirational encounters. The Birmingham students were absolutely wonderful and the time spent with the Birmingham community was full of real warmth and spirituality. The Nottingham community was a stunning example of a community small in size but great in spirit. The meeting in Sheffield took place in their new synagogue, one of the best of its kind in the country and we had an exhilarating sharing of views. What made these visits special was they allowed time to get to know the individuals as well as the communities and in each case, Elaine and I were uplifted.”

Lenny Jacobs, the President of Birmingham Central Synagogue, said:

“The Chief Rabbi’s visit over Shabbat was an inspiration to the Community.  There were over 350 people in Shul on Shabbat and a huge crowd came back for Seudah Shlishit.”

Rabbi Adam Hill said:

“The Chief Rabbi's visit to Central was an inspiring occasion. I am sure that the impression that he made on all age sections of the Kehillah will have an impact for many years to come and the words of encouragement to build for our Jewish future will likewise resonate.”

On Friday night, the Chief Rabbi addressed a group of Jeiwsh students and Student Chaplain Rabbi Fishel Cohen said:

“Within a minute of his arrival the Chief Rabbi had the 200 plus students on their feet dancing, which set the tone for an informal and exciting evening. He went on to entertain all those present with his stories and inspire them with his message that an individual can make a difference.”

On Motzei Shabbat, the Chief Rabbi visited Nottingham Hebrew Congregation. Shul President Mark Kirsch said:

“This was a thrilling evening where it was possible for every one of our members to meet the Chief Rabbi and his wife individually. Everyone was able to greet them and speak to them. This electric evening was made possible by a great speaker and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere.”

On Sunday, the Chief Rabbi spoke at the Sheffield congregation, where Rabbi and Mrs Golomb were celebrating their ten years of service to the community.

Rabbi Y Golomb of the Sheffield Congregation said:

“This was a momentous event.  The Chief Rabbi was both enlightening and enlivening. His presence is always greatly anticipated and both he and Mrs Sacks seemed to throw themselves into the visit. The Chief Rabbi was most entertaining to the children and answered all their questions. Intellectual, entertaining and inspirational.”