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Last updated: 2003-06-09

The Board of Deputies has complained about an exhibition currently on display in the hall of the European Parliament. The Board has written to the President of the European Parliament, Pat Cox, and to British Members of the European Parliament urging them to demand the immediate removal of this exhibition which is entitled “The New Doors of Jerusalem: Apartheid-Israel”.

The descriptions used in the exhibition go far beyond any legitimate criticism of Israel. The violent and abusive language is an incentive for hatred against Israel. There is a total omission of any reference to Palestinian terrorism, suicide bombings or deaths of Israeli civilians. There is absolutely no attempt to provide any balance or an informed context to the situation.

In his letter to the President and MEPs, President Henry Grunwald wrote: “It is unacceptable that such a biased and distorted exhibition should be on display in the European Parliament. We have witnessed a direct link between such propaganda emanating from the Middle East and the increase in antisemitic attacks in Britain and other European countries. Both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are suffering and the European Parliament should be doing everything it can to encourage dialogue and cooperation. Instead this unacceptable exhibition serves only to inflame incitement.”