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Last updated: 2003-06-02

The Board of Deputies is pleased to announce the appointment of Nikki Ginsberg to the new post of Media Officer.

For the past year, Nikki has been working at the Board as Public Affairs Officer for the International Division. This newly created position of Media Officer will allow the Board to devote more time to challenging the disinformation and anti-Israel propaganda prevalent in much of today’s media as well as ensuring a focused response to any attacks on the Jewish community in the British press.

Nikki spent much of her youth working within the Jewish community, teaching at cheder, as a member of her University J-soc committee and as a madricha in the Federation of Zionist Youth. She studied International History and Politics at Leeds University and has gained a wealth of experience over the past year as the Board’s Public Affairs Officer, monitoring the media, lodging successful complaints against media organisations and developing relations with members of the British press.

Board Director General Neville Nagler commented: “We are all delighted that it has been possible to promote Nikki Ginsberg to this important and challenging new position. Nikki will be responsible for the Board’s liaison with all sections of the media. We feel confident that her talents will help to cement close working relationships with the media on the whole range of issues currently facing the Board and the community whom we serve.”