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Last updated: 2003-05-22

Board of Deputies leaders have met with senior representatives of Christian Aid in order to discuss their recent report entitled “Losing Ground: Israel, poverty and the Palestinians”.

The meeting was facilitated by the Bishop of St. Albans, the Rt Reverend Christopher Herbert, Chairman of the Council of Christians and Jews. It follows concerns expressed by the Board of Deputies and other Jewish organisations who regard the report as unbalanced and misleading.

The Board was represented at the meeting by its new President Henry Grunwald and Director General Neville Nagler, who commented:

“We welcomed the opportunity to explain directly our concerns about the impact of the report against the background of rising anti-Semitism in the UK linked to developments in the Middle East. Like Christian Aid, we regret the poverty and deprivation affecting the Palestinians, but we also made it clear that their report failed to set this in the context of Palestinian violence against Israel. We hope that Christian Aid will have a better understanding of the concerns of the Jewish community in relation to the problems facing Israel and the Palestinians. We appreciate the efforts of CCJ to bring about this important discussion.”