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Support for students

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-04-14

Wakkas Khan

Wakkas Khan

Muslim students have come out in support of three Jewish executives of the National Union of Students who have resigned following a series of incidents in which the Jewish students claim anti-semitism are not being taken seriously by the student union.

“We condemn all forms of anti-Semitism towards any Jewish student within the National Union," said Wakkas Khan, president of The Federation of Student Islamic Societies. "As we all know, recently Muslim students have been on the backlash of increased Islamophobia, however like Islamophobia we need to tackle all forms of discrimination. We empathise with our Jewish friends and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community to rid society of these grotesque forms of discrimination".

Luciana Berger (co-convenor anti-racism and anti-fascism campaign) and Mitch Simmons (co-convenor ethical & environmental campaign) both of the NUS National Executive Committee, together with Jonny Warren (NUS Steering Committee – who was standing for re-election) took their decision to resign from the NUS at its recent conference following a claimed year’s worth of inactivity by their National Union, and two days worth of apathy to antisemitism at the annual meeting.

A leaflet at the conference made comparisons between the Jewish people and the Nazis.