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Last updated: 2003-05-15

The Board of Deputies hosted a highly successful conference last weekend for Jewish representatives of the Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (SACRE).

SACREs are responsible in law for advising local education authorities on religious education and collective worship. The conference provided the opportunity for the representatives to come together to discuss the development of Jewish education in schools and the resources available to promote the teaching of Judaism.

The representatives, from all over the country, were welcomed by Gabriel Lancaster, the Chair of the Board’s SACRE Working Group, and then took part in a number of workshops which included speakers from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Ofsted and the Jewish Resource Center at Roehampton University.

Board Education Officer, Sandra Teacher, who organised this year’s event commented: “Once again this annual conference proved to be a great source of information for the many Jewish representatives who attended. The experience and expertise of the speakers enabled the SACRE representatives to continue their vital work in ensuring that Judaism is taught to a higher standard to schools throughout England. It was especially rewarding to have so many representatives from the provinces attend and I am sure that the information provided will strengthen our input into the future work of SACREs.”