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Bibi - "I cleaned offices"

by: Ynetnews - Last updated: 2005-06-03

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Unemployed Israelis should clean up their act and go to work, Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday, noting a time when he worked as a janitor to make ends meet when he was in university.

Speaking at a social-economic conference at his Likud party’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu said that he once told a man who complained about his son’s problem in finding work that his economic policy would bring market growth.

He said he told the man that jobs in the high-tech sector will be the first to open up, and then his son would have more options.

When the man refused to accept his answer, the minister said he told him, “You want to know what I can tell your son now? I’ll tell you: Go to work! Go to work! You are a young man. Go mop floors, go sweep stairwells, go clean offices. Go work in anything, go to work, go to work!”

Netanyahu also noted many Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union had to relinquish degrees in science and engineering because there was no work for them and take up jobs in other fields. Many such people work as janitors and supermarket cashiers.
But the respect associated with any job, the minister said, was determined by the ones who perform it.

“When I was a student, I washed offices, I swept stairwells. I cleaned,” he said.

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