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Prof seeks resolution

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-06-12

Professor Geoffrey Alderman

Professor Geoffrey Alderman

The ongoing saga of how the Office of the Chief Rabbi refuses to accept the orthodox conversion of a British women in Israel is being taken up by Professor Geoffrey Alderman.  A meeting to resolve the issue with the Office is set for June 22.

In 1990, Helen Sagal married her Israeli husband Raoul under orthodox procedures including converting to Judaism. Since marrying, they have had children and one of them, Guy applied to go to the Jews’ Free School in Kenton, Middlesex but were denied with the Chief Rabbi’s office refusing to accept her orthodox conversion.
"I am pleased to announce that Mrs Sagal has been invited by the Office of the Chief Rabbi to a meeting at which it is hoped to resolve the issue of her Jewish identity for the purpose of enabling her elder son, Guy, to attend the Jews’ Free School," said Professor Alderman. "Mrs Sagal has of course accepted this invitation.  I have agreed to accompany Mrs Sagal and assist her in the presentation of her case, as I did when she appeared before the School Admissions Appeal Panel last month."