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Last updated: 2003-05-13

The Board of Deputies has sent its warmest congratulations to the King of Morocco on the recent birth of a son.

The British Jewish community has long enjoyed warm relations with the kingdom of Morocco and much appreciates the contribution of the Moroccan Jewry to our community. In 2000 Board President Jo Wagerman led a Board of Deputies delegation to Morocco for an audience with the King.

In his letter to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Board President Elect Henry Grunwald QC wrote: “The Board of Deputies has very great pleasure in extending to your Majesty and to Princess Lalia Salma our deepest felicitations on this most happy and auspicious event.

“We recall with pleasure the audience with which Your Majesty honoured our leadership three years ago and look forward to maintaining and renewing those close ties of friendship throughout the years to come.”