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Help Argentina

Last updated: 2005-06-28

British-Jewry’s overseas humanitarian aid organisation World Jewish Relief has received an emergency SOS. call from the Jewish community in Argentina.

They are desperately looking for Spanish speaking university students or recent graduates from the UK to volunteer in the Buenos Aires community this September for three months, assisting Jews in their recovery from the terrible economic and social crisis which has devastated the country and seen the emergence of the “New Poor”.

One Argentine community worker commented “we remember the magnificent response of World Jewish Relief and the UK Jewish community when the crisis first hit a few years ago. It really helped us get through that nightmare. Even though you may not see the chaotic images of despair, queues outside the banks and looting on your TV screens anymore, life is a daily struggle. The only difference is that from once being the charity givers, we have now got used to our new ways of poverty and we are the ones begging for help this time.”

Until the crisis at the end of 2001, the Jewish community was a prosperous one, but the lives of thousands of families, elderly and young Jews have been ripped apart, having lost jobs, savings, livelihoods and even homes on an unprecedented scale over the last few years. The volunteers are needed to help distribute welfare packages, medical aid, food and clothing, teach English, work in shanty towns and help people regain control of their lives so that they can look to the future with hope.

For more information contact Dan Ozarow at WJR Tel: 0207 691 1771 or Email: