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Make Poverty History

Last updated: 2005-06-29

Make Poverty History

Make Poverty History

The words ‘Justice, justice shall you pursue’ from Deuteronomy sound loudly as hundreds of people from the Jewish community prepare for a very special Shabbat this weekend.

Whether participating with the Make Poverty History campaign in Edinburgh or learning and discussing the issues in their home communities, members of the 21 Jewish organisations involved with the Make Poverty History Jewish Coalition are mobilizing the Jewish community across the UK to embrace the main messages of the campaign.

MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY is a campaign about justice not charity. The coalition is calling for more aid that works better for poor people, world debt to be cancelled and poor people to be put at the centre of trade negotiations. The Jewish Coalition embraces the emphasis on justice and is encouraging communities to continue learning and implement action-oriented programmes throughout the year.

The Jewish Coalition has a number of activities planned which can be seen on These activities will be in keeping with Jewish Sabbath laws and observance. The public is invited to join us for a Celebratory Sabbath Afternoon session with Jewish songs and Sabbath stories, from 5:40pm in the Faith Zone (Contempl8ion area).

The Jewish Coalition and the Edinburgh Jewish Communities wish all participants joining the Make Poverty History campaign a very meaningful and celebratory ‘Shabbat Shalom’ – a Sabbath of peace.