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London under attack

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-07-07

London attack

London attack

London is under attack from terrorists, yes those six words are summing up what is happening today. Londoners are going through the feelings and emotions, Israelis face on a day to day basis.

The public transport system, including the underground and buses have been subjected to what appears to be a series of terrorist attacks.
From around 9.20am today when I first heard what was happening, I have been glued to TV and radio trying to find out what is going on and talking with friends and family who have been travelling.
At first, we were told it was a power surge on the London Underground which caused incidents at five stations including a train crash, then we were told a double decker bus had its top blown off in central London. 
People are trapped with injuries underground, many are dead.
We are experiencing a day of confusion, panic and uncertainty. The train service has stopped, the bus system in central London is also coming to a standstill. What will happen next?
The home secretary Charles Clarke has advised the public not to make unnecessary journeys.
No one is certain if there is more to come.
A conference on the Israeli economy at the Great Eastern Hotel near Liverpool Street station in which Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was due to attend has been evacuated. The Israeli Embassy in Kensington, west London is also cordoned off.
It looks like it was planned and planned with much thought. It was coordinated to bring London to a standstill and leave Londoners feeling that more can happen. And if more doesn't happen, then the feeling remains that whoever caused this could have done much more.
London has never had such a terrorist coordinated attack on it in its history, now it has. How London moves on from this is too early to say. We will mourn those who have been killed and seek justice to locate those who caused it.