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CST issues advice

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2005-07-07



Members of the Jewish community have been told to remain vigilant following a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in central London in which atleast two are dead and hundreds injured.

“The Community Security Trust (CST) urges the Jewish community to be extra vigilant in view of reports of major incidents in Central London," said Michael Whine, director of communications. "We are in contact with the Police and will keep the Community regularly updated. Members of the Community can consult our website for regular updates on
The Board of Deputies of British Jews have also issued a statement: "We are working with the CST to ensure that the community is safe.  Our condolences go to the victims of this outrage.  Today’s events underline the fact that terrorism is a global scourge. Just as we are all potential targets we must together do everything possible to confront this evil wherever and however it manifests itself."
Community Security Trust advice
  • You should be alert at all times.
  • Prevent staff and visitors from congregating outside your building especially upon arrival and departure. Encourage people to disperse as quickly as possible, e.g. after services, at the end of the school day, or at the end of an event.
  • Pay special attention to the security of those outside your location. If you spot a suspicious person, object, bag, package or car, immediately instruct people to move away. Either disperse them or take them inside the safety of the building.
  • Challenge and question all strangers and visitors to your building even if they are accompanied by someone you know.
  • Check the outside of your building for evidence of a break-in or suspicious objects upon arrival. Repeat these checks at irregular intervals throughout your working day, and when closing the building.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when arriving and leaving communal buildings.
  • Remember to keep all external doors closed when the building is in use.
  • Be alert for suspicious people and activities including parked cars and unattended bags.
  • Effective security focuses on observing outwards from the building – spot the problem before the problem comes to you.
  • Ensure that your alarm system and CCTV equipment are working. Check that lenses are cleaned and tapes are recording and are changed regularly.
  • If you receive a suspicious package in the post, move staff and visitors away and do not touch it. Call the police - dial 999 and contact the CST.
  • Establish and maintain a voluntary community security rota.
  • The Community Security Trust urges the community to report all antisemitic incidents, and any suspicious activities - such information can help to prevent further violence and intimidation against the community.
  • All staff and visitors to Jewish communal locations are requested to cooperate with Community Security Trust personnel and all security measures.