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German comedy triumphs

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2005-07-11

Go For Zucker

Go For Zucker

German Jewish comedy Alles Auf Zucker has won six prizes at this year's Lola Awards – the German equivalent of the Oscars. Among the prizes it took home were Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor.

German Jewish comedy Alles Auf Zucker (Go For Zucker) has won six prizes at this year's Lola Awards – Germany's answer to the Oscars.

It took the prize for Best Film at the ceremony in Berlin last week, as well as winning Best Director and Best Actor. It also picked up honours for screenwriting, costume design and music.

Alles Auf Zucker, directed by Swiss filmmaker Dani Levy, is the first Jewish-themed comedy to be produced in Germany since World War II. It focuses on two brothers who are raised on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall – one, Samuel has an Orthodox Jewish upbringing, while Jacob, the other does not. When their mother dies they discover they will only
receive her inheritance if they are reconciled – which means Jacob has to get back in touch with his Jewish roots.

The film has been praised by German critics for taking an everyday look at Jewish life in a country where most Jewish themed films focus on the Holocaust.

"I think this film was a sort of 'liberation' for a lot of people," said Levy. "People tell me how relieved they are after seeing the movie about Jews that they are free to laugh about. I'm happy audiences enjoy it."

It has been a huge hit at the German box office, although no UK release date has been confirmed yet.