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Last updated: 2003-05-07

The President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews for the next three years will be Mr. Henry Grunwald QC.

As the only nominee for the position of President, Mr. Grunwald will be declared duly elected President at the Board’s meeting on May 18. During the last triennial he served as the Board’s Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Defence and Group Relations Division. Henry Grunwald is aged 53 and a practising criminal barrister.

The nominations for candidates for the other Honorary Officers have also now closed. The following four nominations have been received for the three posts of Vice President:
Mrs. Flo Kaufmann, current Board Treasurer;
Mr. Jerry Lewis, current Vice President;
Mr. Jonathan Lewis, Chairman of the Constitution Committee; and
Mrs. Eleanor Lind QC, Vice-Chairman of the Defence Division.

The election of Treasurer will be contested between Mr. Clive Lewisohn, a member of the Finance and Organisation Division, and Mr. Ronnie Stekel, Chairman of the Shechita working group and a member of the Defence and Group Relations Division.

The elections take place at the Board meeting on May 18