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Israeli bomb victim

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2005-07-14

Anat Rosenberg

Anat Rosenberg

A 39-year-old Israeli women who has lived in London for over a decade has been confirmed as one of the victims of last week's London bombing. Anat Rosenberg has not been heard since she caught the number 30 bus which exploded in central London.

"The tragedy is she actually left Israel because she did not feel safe there with all the terrorist attacks and bus bombings," said her partner John Fielding.
On Israel's Channel 2 TV station, Mr Fielding said, Anat phoned him from her mobile and told him she had difficulty getting a seat on the bus as it was very crowded. Mr Fielding suggested she get near to the doors but instead of getting a response heard a loud sound and screams.  He tried calling her back and got no answer.