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Nude protestor released

by: Tal Rosner, Ynetnews - Last updated: 2005-07-18



A naked anti-pullout protester detained near the Knesset two weeks ago has been released from a mental institute after the regional psychiatric committee ruled the nude protest does not constitute grounds for forced hospitalisation. 

During his interrogation, the man told police he was protesting the upcoming disengagement and informed investigators he had not eaten or slept for three days in the hopes of curbing the pullout plan.

A doctor who examined the suspect, who suffers from a mental illness, decided the man’s mental state took a turn for the worse after one day in detention.

The man was promptly forcibly hospitalized following an examination, without consenting to the test, on the grounds that he poses danger to himself and those around him.

However, the regional committee has now decided to release him and ruled that his naked adventures do not stem from his mental illness.

Meanwhile, the man told the committee that he intends to return to the Knesset once he is free and continue to protest against government policies. However, he did pledge to refrain from staging another hunger strike.

The suspect also assured the committee that his naked protest was not a reflection of an unstable mental state.

Reproduced with permission and coyright: Ynetnews