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New threat to UK

by: Yaakov Lappin, Ynetnews - Last updated: 2005-07-21

July 7 London attack

July 7 London attack

The Internet chat room previously used by London-based radical jihad preacher Omar Bakri Muhammad to declare war on Britain has reopened with threats of future bomb attacks after a period of radio silence following the London terror attacks of July 7.

Last January, the Syrian-born Bakri encouraged listeners to join al-Qaeda and attack the U.K.

Bakri told listeners, “I believe the whole of Britain has become Dar ul-Harb ('Land of War'). The kuffar ('non-believer') has no sanctity for their own life or property.”

He continued: "The jihad is halal ('permissible') for the Muslims wherever they are, the whole ummah ('Muslim community') wherever they are. OK, brothers? Wherever you are, do it."

Over the past week, the same chat room has reopened, with a link to a jihadist website,, which featured a large image of the bombed-out London bus destroyed on the July 7 terror attacks. By Thursday, the site no longer opened.

"We believe that they (London attacks) are not the first and that they will not be the last," the website warned.

"For the British people, we would like to state that it is never too late to review your stance towards the cease fire with Sheikh Osama Bin Laden and to thereby secure your safety like the people of Spain, otherwise you have nobody to blame but yourself for what has and will most probably happen again," said a message posted beneath an image of the bus wreckage. Analysis
The website, which is linked to Omar Bakri Muhammad, attacks the British government for a "crusader war against Islam and Muslims," and for "their policy of 'divide and rule,' wishing to divide the Muslims into 'moderates' and 'extremists' in order to isolate practicing Muslims from the apologists."

It holds "the general public in Britain responsible for… their disregard for the ceasefire offered to them by Sheikh Osama Bin Laden in 2004."

It also condemns the fatwa passed by British Muslim leaders against suicide terrorism as a “clear blasphemy against Islam."

Around 50 listeners populated the chat room, with usernames such as 'theSunniTriangle," "fearless_mujahid" (holy warrior), and "pagan slayer."

The British jihad website and chatroom reappeared just as Omar Bakri has come out of hiding to blame the British people and government for the multiple London terror attacks, in which over 50 Londoners were murdered.
In the days following the London terror attacks, the British media have begun homing in on Omar Bakri Muhammad as a top figure in the British jihad movement, and the British government is rushing through new anti-terror legislation aimed at figures like Bakri.

Bakri has described Israel as "a cancer in the heart of the Muslim world," and said, "it must be eradicated and removed."

In April 2003, a British Muslim carried out a suicide bombing at Mike's Place in Tel Aviv, killing three Israelis. The wife of the suicide bomber's compatriot, Omar Sharriff, has since been found to have had links with Omar Bakri.

Reproduced with permission and copyright: Ynetnews