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Last updated: 2003-05-06

The Board of Deputies has welcomed the presentation of the Road Map.

Board Director General Neville Nagler has commented:

“The Board of Deputies welcomes the presentation of the Road Map and the contribution which British Ministers have made in pressing for this. We hope that its proposals can be carried forward in a way that leads to a genuine and lasting peace for all who live in the region.

“We trust that the Road Map will prove more successful than earlier efforts to end the terrorism and hatred that have for so long disfigured the Arab world, and will bring about the normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab States. It is appalling that suicide terrorists are continuing to murder Israeli citizens. Mr Sharon has indicated Israel’s willingness to move forward with the peace process; we trust that the new Palestinian Prime Minister will be given the authority to do likewise and to curb effectively the terrorist groups which have long sought to sabotage efforts to bring about a peaceful settlement.”