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Israel campaign

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-07-29

Stand up 4 Israel

Stand Up 4 Israel

British Jews are being asked to take part in an opinion poll to find out how supportive they are to plans to develop an advertising campaign to combat negative coverage of Israel.

The Stand Up 4 Israel project has been set up by a number of advertising and marketing executives who are looking for supporters to back their plans which include running a series of advertisements in national newspapers and other media about the issues Israel faces.

A spokesperson for the campaign told SomethingJewish: "We would like the community to let us know their views on media bias against Israel and whether they would like to see an advertising campaign which asserts the case for Israel when it comes under attack".

On its website, the group says:

"The Media is a prime battleground of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israeli side is getting a hammering. We want to fight back on the same public media battleground, using the same weapons of words and images. Why does the media war matter? Because the media influence hearts & minds. And where hearts & minds lead, political and financial decisions follow."

The group is also looking for donations to its planned £1m advertising campaign to use billboards, national newspapers and online media to get Israel's message across. An online donation form is available to make a contribution to help the cause.

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