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Last updated: 2003-05-06

The Board of Deputies has called for the banning of Islamist groups which support or encourage terrorists.

Following the involvement of two British citizens in the suicide bombing in Israel earlier this week, a representative of Al-Muhajiroun sought to justify their actions in a radio broadcast.

Board Director General Neville Nagler commented:
“It is completely unacceptable for this country to shelter organisations which support or encourage terrorists. Groups like Al-Muhajiroun have been spreading a message of hatred and incitement for years. So it is no surprise that their venomous language has now moved on to support terrorist atrocities. The evidence shows that inflammatory language sooner or later leads to inflammatory actions.

“There should be no place in this country for anyone who seeks to support or encourage terrorism. We call upon the Home Secretary to take action to deal with this threat to our society.”