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Hunt for Chanukah music

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-08-09



When it comes to promoting Jewish music, no one does it bigger or better than Craig Taubman with his Celebrate Series.

In the last couple of years, he has given us compilations which true to their name celebrate Jewish music.  From celebrating Passover through to hip hop, the celebrate series does exactly what it says on its sleeve.

Now, Craig is looking at putting together a CD that celebrates Chanukah and is looking around the world for instrumental music that celebrates the festival of lights.

With Chanukah only a few months away, Craig has set a deadline of September 9 to get submissions. If accepted, not only will you feature on this CD, but there's also some cash involved as well for using your music.

In an email to us, Craig said: "Whether you call it Hip Chanukah Music or Chanukah Chillout Music, Acoustic Jew or Jew Age Music…if you produce edgy, mood inducing, powerful instrumental music, we want to hear it!"

You can send your submission to:

Craig ‘n Co.
PO Box 6061-115
Sherman Oaks CA. 91423
What are you waiting for, Craig is eager to hear from you!

Celebrate Series is located at