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Rachel up for award

by: Leslie Bunder and Caroline Wstbrook - Last updated: 2005-08-15

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

Celebrating Jewish music is not something we do that often. For years in the US we've had the Grammys and their 105 categories ranging from classical and folk through to spoken word and in the UK it has been the Brits.

For some reason, a Jewish genre category has never been included in either of these events. Of course many Jewish artists and performers have won awards at the Grammys and the Brits, but wouldn't it be nice to have something that celebrates the Jewish music world properly?

As part of the New York Jewish Music and Heritage Festival, taking place in September, is the first annual Jewish Music Awards. On the 19th of September, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, 10 categories of awards will be given out to a range of artists, including a special lifetime achievement award to the late Joey Ramone.

Among the nominees are Subliminal and Socalled for Best Hip-Hop, Golem and Jewdriver for Best Jewish Punk, Pharaoh's Daughter and Divahn for Best Middle Eastern Blend, and very oddly, Britain's Rachel Stevens competing with the likes of Chromeo and Oi Va Voi for Best Danceable.

What makes it even more amazing is that all the other artists in every single category have done at least something with a Jewish theme, however vague it may be, whereas Rachel has not appeared to have done anything remotely Jewish that is any way connected with music.

Here at Daily Jews, we salute all the nominees and wish them the best of mazel whatever the outcome may be. A highlight of the evening will be five artists including Golem and What I Like About Jew performing
Ramones tributes.

One category we would like to have seen would be Jewish rock, with nominees including David Lazzar, White Shabbos and The Makkabees competing.

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