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Last updated: 2003-04-28

The Board of Deputies, together with the Community Security Trust, has sent a further memorandum on the foreign policy aspects of the war against terrorism to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons.

The memorandum enables the Board to update and to expand on its previous comments on aspects of Middle East terrorism and of terrorist threats to the United Kingdom. It has become increasingly apparent that the war against terrorism is indivisible and requires a long-term and sustained commitment to defeat it across a broad front. The memorandum pinpoints the main threat of international terrorism to UK interests and to Jewish communities, including that in Britain.

Board Director General Neville Nagler commented: “One of the main themes in our paper is the need for closer cooperation among countries fighting terrorism. Firm action by some governments has led to a crippling of the powers of terrorist groups in those countries. But terrorist groups are remarkably resilient and have been able to transfer their fundraising and support networks elsewhere. It is essential for countries to cooperate better with one another: there are some European countries which have yet to commit themselves fully to this task.

“Terrorist groups which have, in effect, been chased out of the USA and some European countries may be seeking to establish themselves in Britain. These groups attack Jewish communities not only in order to undermine support for Israel, but also because they adhere to an anti-Semitic ideology.”