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Helping Katrina victims

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2005-09-07

New Orleans under water

New Orleans under water

SomethingJewish has been asked how the UK Jewish community can help those who have suffered as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  There are a number of ways to show support to those who have lost everything in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and other surrounding areas.

At this time, no UK Jewish group has the facilities to take your donation and we therefore recommend you contact US relief organisations direct where your money can be put to best use with immediate affect.  Remember, this is a tragedy of epic proportions that has affected the most vulnerable people, socially deprived, young and old.

As a people who are said to be a light unto other nations, this is a time where every Jew can play a part.

Money donated can be used both to support the general public as well as specific Jewish communities who may not get state aid to help the rebuilding and renovation of synagogues, cemeteries and other Jewish places.

You can donate to a number of charities, both Jewish and non-Jewish who will ensure your contribution will be distributed to helping those begin their lives again. If you know of any other groups or organisations, we should list, please email:

Jewish organisations:

United Jewish Communities, represents 155 Jewish Federations and other organisations has launched an appeal which is taking donations. More information at

B’nai B’rith is also offering support and relief.  More information at:

Union for Reform Judaism will pass on contributions to those suffering as a result of Katrina. More information at:

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism will take your contribution to support those affected. More information at:

Other organisations:

Red Cross - working to bring relief to all. More information at: