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Langdon comes to London

Last updated: 2005-09-07

For the last 10 years Langdon has been successfully enabling young Jewish adults with learning disabilities to become full participating members of society.

We are proud to announce that from the 5th September 2005 we will be providing our unique and successful brand of supported living in the North London area.

Langdon is a registered charity and provides young Jewish adults with learning disabilities with a clear and defined route from dependency to independency. On leaving school they join Langdon College, our Manchester based residential specialist college (the only one in the UK catering for the cultural and observational needs of the Jewish Community) where learning opportunities are tailor-made to each young persons’ developmental and observational needs.  On completion of their studies students join Langdon Community, a network of individually adapted flats and houses in North Manchester providing these young adults with a nurturing Jewish home life, an active social life, the support to locate and access employment opportunities that are appropriate to their particular talents, skills and abilities and the ability to live independent lives.

Langdon has grown beyond all expectation and there is a real demand for a London based service.  Barry Welck, one of the parents who founded Langdon and now it’s Chair of Trustees, is ecstatic about this development, “It has been said by many that North London is at the heart of British Judaism.  It was only a matter of time before former Langdon College students showed an interest in living, working and being socially active in the capital.  I am very proud that we will be there to support them every step of the way.” 

Initially 5 young Jewish adults with learning disabilities will be supported to live independently via a 2 person flat (already up and running) and a 3 person house (in operation my mid October), both in Edgware. Work opportunities have been arranged for 4 of the young people in administration, child-care, retail and catering and they will be supported to develop these work placements into long-lasting and fulfilling careers.

Robert Mutch, Langdon Communities Director of Services, says “Langdon is all about giving young Jewish adults with learning disabilities choice. Operating in both London and Manchester gives that real choice about where they live. Over the next three years we will be increasing the number of places available in both cities”.

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