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Brits making aliyah

Last updated: 2005-09-09



Record numbers of British Jews are immigrating to Israel according to statistics from the Jewish Agency. In August, 103 Jews made aliyah up nearly double from the same period in 2004 while the total number so far this year making aliyah is 324.

According to Aliyah advisor Neil Gillman, British Jews are attracted to Israel for a number of reasons including the upturn in the Israel economy and better initiatives to encourage British Jews to immigrate and start a new life in Israel.

According to the Jewish Agency, when it comes to religious identity,  just over 50 percent of British Jews who made Aliyah described themselves as orthodox while 10 percent were ultra-orthodox.  Around 25 percent consider themselves as traditional or orthodox.

Just over 50 percent of people making aliyah were single.

When it comes to finding somewhere to live when they arrive in Israel, the most popular destination is Ra'anana with Jerusalem following behind.