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Semites on Screen

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2005-09-23

UK Jewish Film Festival

UK Jewish Film Festival

It might still be a couple of months away, but select highlights of this year's UK Jewish Film Festival, set to take place in November, have been announced – and you should start planning your viewing schedule now.

In fact, if you're planning a holiday during November then cancel it, because this year's line-up is just too good to miss.

Among the highlights will be the following premieres:

"Go For Zucker" This comedy was a huge hit in its native Germany. Not surprising, given that it's set in Germany and is in German. It centres on the Zucker brothers (no, not the ones who gave us Airplane). One is a religious Jew , the other is secular. Following the death of their mother, in order to inherit her money, the pair have to settle their differences.

"The First Time I Was Twenty"  Parisian set comedy-drama about a teenage girl who wants to be like one of the lads.

"Live and Become" (Dir. Radhu Mihaileanu) This drama tells the story of an Ethiopian boy whose mother forces him to declare himself Jewish A Christian in order to be included in Operation Moses, which rescued Ethiopian Jews in the 1980s and brought them to Israel.

"Keep Not Silent" An Israeli documentary, which explores the often unspoken subject of lesbianism and Orthodox Jews.

The full programme will be revealed next week. The 2005 London programme runs first from 5-10 November at the Screen on the Hill, Belsize Park then 12-16 November at selected cinemas across London. Look out for screenings at other venues across the country.

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